Lacero in Turmoil

Welcome, fearless adventures. As you may recall in our last story that a group of valorous people came together with the nations of the world in a truly epic battle against the demons of the abyss that left the world scarred for generations and generations.

As time passed and the great heroes of that time received their eternal rest, the world had faced some turmoil. Once the demonic armies had fallen, people of the once great nation of Argonis left their destroyed lands to the welcoming arms of the human nation of Beautrice. Now that most of Argonis fled into Beautrice, it put tremendous economical strain on that nation. Poverty increased, and shortages of supplies were a continual problem.

Beautrice was not the only peoples facing hard times. After the final battle in the ruins of Theopolis, many of the high ranking members of the Order of the Holy Banishing were executed for their corruption and their conspiracy with the demons. The order was abolished, and it surviving members that were not executed were commanded to never rebuild the order or be punished with death.

Dolanar, the proud nation of the high elves and loyal ally along with wood elves of Ellenure were faithful to Beautrice and Argonis during the war against the Balor’s demonic armies. The high elves had severely expended many resources in aided their human allies. Decades after that event, the drow took advantage of the dwarves and high elves weakened state and made war with them. Even though, the drow participated in the demonic war, they did not suffer as many casualties as the other nations, thus leaving them in a position of power that they could not resist to take advantage of. Therefore they attacked the high elves. The high elves pleaded the nation of Beautrice to send aid, but because of their economic condition, Beautrice refused. The high elves were not completely without allies, as the wood elves of Ellenure came to their aid. The war with the drow ended in five years leaving the high elves with lost territory and bitterness to humans.

The drow, now being one of the more powerful nations at this time, demanded that Silverpoint seat one of their own on the council of wizards, which forced Silverpoint to comply.

Not all is sad and gloom in this world, for after that battle with the Balor, Silverpoint was able to rebuild and magic items were once again being created and sold throughout the world.

This is the time that you live in. Your tale will take place approximately 110 years from that incredible battle with in Theopolis. As the heroes of old have passed away, it time again for heroes to rise once more. For after all, a demon can return to this plane after a hundred years.

This is your saga……

Lacero in Turmoil

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