Caring = You have a close bond with other peoples feelings. Benefit: You get +2 on sense motive and diplomacy checks. Penalty: You get -3 on bluff and intimidate checks. Special: You may not be evil to take this feat.

Civilized = You are well accustomed to the manners of city life. Benefit: You get +1 on all knowledge and diplomacy checks. Penalty: You get -2 on all wilderness lore and handle animal checks. Special: You may not be chaotic in alignment to take this feat.

Cold-Blooded [Racial] = Your slower metabolism requires less energy, but doesn’t produce as much body heat as a warm-blooded creature. Prerequisites: You cannot have dragon type or reptilian subtype. Benefit: You can go for twice as long as normal without eating before suffering the effects of starvation (6 days instead of 3), after which time you must begin making Constitution checks as normal. Drawback: You suffer double damage from cold temperatures (below 40 degrees F). This only applies to damage from cold weather or environments, not cold energy damage from spells and effects. Roleplaying Ideas: While cold-blooded creatures can move with the same speed and vigor as warm-blooded creatures when they need to, they are sluggish and lazy at most other times.

Conditioned (Cold) = You are acclimatized to cold weather. Benefit: You get +2 on saves against cold effects and cold weather (Such as hypothermia). Penalty: You get -2 on saves against warmth effects and hot weather (Such as heat exhaustion).

Conditioned (Hot) = You are acclimatized to warm weather. Benefit: You get +2 on saves against warmth effects and hot weather (Such as heat exhaustion). Penalty: You get -2 on saves against cold effects and cold weather (Such as hypothermia).

Desensitized = The horrors of war and violence have deadened your emotions. Benefit: You receive a +2 morale bonus on saves against fear and Enchantment (Charm) spells and effects, as well as pain causing spells and effects (such as symbol of pain). Drawback: You suffer a -4 penalty on all diplomacy checks.

Fast Learner = You learn things very fast, outclassing all other when it comes to skills. Benefit: You gain +1 competence bonus on all skill checks. Maximum number of ranks in your cross-class skills is equal to your character level +3. Drawback +1 character lvl.

Greedy = You are particularly avaricious, valuing money and material wealth over everything else- even your own safety. Benefit: You gain +2 morale bonus on Search checks when searching for valuables and +2 competence bonus on all Appraise checks. Drawback: You take a -4 penalty to Diplomacy checks when dealing with merchants or with matters concerning your own money or belongings. You suffer -4 penalty on level check against Intimidate attempt if a person intimidating you threatens your possessions. You can be intimidated this way even if you are immune to fear. Roleplaying ideas: Greedy characters may just be particularly motivated by the gain of wealth, or may be- in extreme cases- incredibly selfish and may horde their items and money, being unwilling to share a much needed potion with a wounded ally, or be unwilling to spend money to pay for the resurrection of a fallen friend, etc.

Insomniac = You have a hard time sleeping. Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against sleep spells and effects. Drawback: You require 12 hours of sleep before you are fully rested.

Idol = Members of the opposite sex find you irresistible. Benefit: You gain +2 bonus on all Diplomacy checks and +2 bonus to your leadership score (which is useless unless you have leadership feat). Drawback: 1d6 1st-level commoners per your character level are always trying to steal your clothes and gear to keep as trophies. They flee from anything even closely resembling danger, but they always manage to find you later showing up in the next community you visit to the annoyance of everyone who is forced to interact with your groupies.

Level Headed = You don’t jump to conclusions, and have a good perspective on reality. Benefit: You get +1 on sense motive checks and will saves. Penalty: You get -3 to initiative.

Optimist = You look positively at things, which makes you pleasant to be around. Benefit: You get +1 on diplomacy checks and +1 on saving throws to resist fear effects. Penalty: You get -2 to sense motive checks.

Outlawry = This is both a blessing and a boon. With this you are now considered an outlaw in your homeland and any allied states (countries, cities however it is). There will be wanted signs posted up of you with the occasional king’s men that come after you every time you commit a crime. Benefit: In the wilderness, you have learned how to survive. You get a +4 on your survival checks and +4 on an “Outlaws” craft check. You can also take ranks in this new skill, its really a collection of woodworking, herbalism and others craft things. It is a broad area but limited…an outlaw would know how to build the strongest and most perfect staff but would not know how to build a house, ect. Drawback: Regardless if you are loved or feared, you have a -4 to all diplomacy checks dealing with strangers because they are either afraid of you or afraid of someone that might hurt them because of you.

Pessimist = You look at what can go wrong. This gives you a good sense of error, but you are unpleasant to be around. Benefit: You get +1 on sense motive checks and +1 to initiative. Penalty: You get -2 to diplomacy.

Slow and Steady = You are slow but sure-footed. Benefit: You gain the stability ability, just like dwarf (+4 to saves against trip and bull rush while standing on ground). Drawback: Your base speed is reduced by 10ft.

Surface Eyes = You are from a subterranean race and your eyes have become adapted to surface living over a period of time. Prerequisite: Must have Darkvision and have Light Sensitivity penalties. Benefit: You no longer suffer from your Light Sensetivity penalties. Drawback: Your Darkvision range has been cut in half

Voracious Reader = You hunger for knowledge and read incessantly. Benefit: You treat all Knowledge skills as class skills, regardless of the class you adopt. As long as you can consult your books, you may take 10 or take 20 (with the appropriate time adjustments) on any Knowledge check for which you have the appropriate books. Drawback: You must spend at least 25% (rounded up) of your income on books, which you must always carry with you. You cannot participate in the destruction of books without a good reason (such as a paladin attempting to destroy the Book of Vile Darkness). Roleplaying Notes: Voracious readers tend to be bookworms. Many hoard books, keeping them as treasures, while other seek knowledge for its own sake.


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