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Other Flaws Chart Sources Used: Unearthed arcana, Complete Dragon Magazine 3.5 Feats, Flaws, & Styles – Flaws On:Complete Dragon Magazine 3.5 Feats, Flaws, & Styles – Flaws Pg 116

Aligned Devotion = Prerequisite: Ability to Spontaneously cast Cure Spells effect: Healing has less effect on differing alignment

Arcane Conundrum = Prerequisite: Gnome, Cha 10+ Effect: May never use your spell-like abilities, -2 saving throw vs Illusions

Arcane Fatigue = Prerequisite: Ability to cast Arcane Spells Effect: Must make fortitude save after every spell cast or be fatigued

Arcane Parasites = Prerequisite: Ability to cast Arcane Spells Effect: Every Arcane Spell has a -1 to Save DC

Arcane Performer = Prerequisite: Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation, perform 1 rank Effect: In order to cast any spell, must succeed at a perform check

Beady Eyes = Prerequisite: Darkvision Effect: Have low-light vision instead, -2 search, spot

Beastly = Prerequisite: Wild Empathy Effect: Vulnerable to certain spells which affect animals

Bestial Instinct = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 to hit with anything other than unarmed strikes or natural weapons

Blind Rage = Prerequisite: Rage Ability Effect: May not end rage voluntarily, must attack a creature every round, if able; if not able, must attack nearest breakable object.

Brash = Prerequisite: none Effect: -6 to Armor Class vs Attacks of Oppurtunity

Bravado = Prerequisite: none Effect: Don’t gain any kind of dodge bonuses to your Armor Class

Cautious = Prerequisite: none Effect: Take twice as long to perform any skill which requires an action, -2 to initiative

Chivalrous Courtesy = Prerequisite: Good or Lawful Alignment Effect: -4 on all attack rolls to hit a creature you can tell is of opposite gender

City Slicker = Prerequisite: Survival as Class Skill Effect: -4 on Handle Animal, Knowledge(Nature) and Survival Checks

Claustrophobia = Prerequisite: None Effect: Become Shaken in enclosed spaces

Code of arms = Prerequisite: Good or Lawful Alignment Effect: -4 on attack rolls against enemy not armed with a melee weapon

Cold-Blooded = Prerequisite: none Effect: Automatically fail Fort Saves to overcome effects of high temperature, Fire effects deal +2 points of fire damage to you

Coward = Prerequisite: none Effect: Automatically fail saves against fear effects

Curious = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 Listen and Spot, -2 Initiative

Divine Gestures = Prerequisite: Ability to cast divine spells Effect: Suffer a spell failure chance just like Arcane Spell Failure

Domain Devotion = Prerequisite: Access to domains Effect: Have access to only one of your deity’s domains

Elven Pride of Arms = Prerequisite: Elven Blood Effect: -4 on attack rolls with anything other than a longsword, rapier or bow

Exhausting Rage = Prerequisite: Rage Ability Effect:When rage ends you become exhausted instead of fatigued

Feeble = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 on all str, dex and con based checks

Foe Specialist = Prerequisite: Favored Enemy Effect: -1 on all attack rolls, bluff, sense motive, spot and survival checks made against creatures that are not your favored enemy

Fool = Prerequisite: Bardic Music Effect: Lose the inspire courage, inspire competence, inspire greatness, and inspire heroics bardic music abilities.

Forlorn = Prerequisite: Ability to call familiar Effect: Lose ability to call a familiar

Forlorn of Men = Prerequisite: none Effect: Become shaken if more than one humanoid is within 30 feet of you

Frail Immune System = Prerequisite: Constitution 11 or lower Effect: Whenever you fail a fortitude save you become fatigued

Frail = Prerequisite: none effect: -1 hitpoint per per level

Free-Spirited = Prerequisite: Chaotic Alignment Effect: Weight of any carried gear is doubled for purpose of determining load, Armor check penalties are also doubled

Frivolous Performer = Prerequisite: Bardic Knowledge Effect: -10 on all Bardic Knowledge checks, except those relating to your perform skill

Fussy = Prerequisite: none Effect: Become Sickened after drinking any potion

Glory-Hound = Prerequisite: Base attack Bonus +1 Effect: -2 to AC during combat until you drop an opponent

Grudge Keeper = Prerequisite: none Effect: If damaged in combat you suffer a -2 penalty on attacks rolls, skill checks, saving throws, and ability checks until you damage the foe who caused you harm.

Gullible = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 Saving throw vs Enchantment and Illusions, -4 Sense Motive

Half-Blood Outcast = Prerequisite: Half-Elf,half-drow, or Half-Orc Effect: Suffer -2 on all attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks when in sight of a full blood

Hatred = Prerequisite: Favored Enemy Effect: -4 to AC, Attack rolls and Skill Checks whenever you are in presence of a favored enemy and not fighting it

Haunted = Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells Effect: Noises surround you for no reason, -4 listen and move silently

Honor of the Duel = Prerequisite: Good or Lawful Alignment Effect: You must make a Will save (DC 10 + your level) to attack a creature in a square threatened by one of its other foes.

Honorable Challenge = Prerequisite: Good or Lawful Alignment Effect: -4 on attack rolls against any creature that has not explicitly challenged you or made an attack against you (Will save DC 10+ your lvl)

Hot-Blooded = Prerequisite: none Effect: Automatically fail any fort saves against low temperature, +2 extra cold damage from cold effects

Implacable = Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +1 Effect: If you move out of Melee Combat, -2 on all attack rolls, skill checks and saving throws for 1 hour

Inattentive = Prerequisite: none Effect: -4 Listen, Spot

Individualist = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 on all attack rolls with weapons that you have not personally create, and +1 Armor Check penalty with any armor you did not craft

Insomniac = Prerequisite: none Effect: Must succeed on a fortitude save to get a full night’s rest.

Light Sensitivity = Prerequisite: Darkvision Effect: Become Dazzled in Bright sunlight

Lightweight = Prerequisite: Constitution 13 or lower, many not be Obese Half base weight, Effect: -4 penalty to resist bull rushes, grapples overruns and trips. No attack bonus when charge.

Living Faith = Prerequisite: Ability to turn or rebuke undead Effect: Lose the ability to turn or rebuke undead

Loner = Prerequisite: Ability to summon familiar or Animal Companion Effect: Lose ability to summon familiar or animal companion

Loudmouth = Prerequisite: none Effect: -4 penalty to diplomacy and move silently

Love of Nature = Prerequisite: none Effect: Must succeed on will save to attack animal, plant or vermin

Magical Fascination = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 on attack rolls and skill checks when in sight of a visible magical effect with a duration

Magical Overlord = Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells Effect: Exchange one of your highest level spell slots for a lower level one

Material Devotion = Prerequisite: Access to Domains Effect: May only use spell trigger items that cast spells on your domain spell lists

Meager Fortitude = Prerequisite: none Effect: -3 Fort Saves

Metal Intolerance = Prerequisite: none Effect: Take one additional point of damage whenever struck by metal

Methodical Magical Methods = Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells Effect: You are considered flat-footed in any round you cast a spell

Meticulous Performer = Prerequisite: Bardic Music Effect: Initiating or maintaining bardic music is a full-round action

Mounted Warrior = Prerequisite: Ride 1 rank Effect: -2 to attack rolls when not mounted

Murky-Eyed = Prerequisite: none Effect: Additional miss chance when in Concealment

No Time For Book Learning = Prerequisite: none Effect: You are illiterate, and can never learn to read, plus -2 on all knowledge checks except knowledge (nature)

Noncombatant = Prerequisite: none effect: -2 Melee attack Rolls

Obese = Prerequisite: Small size, Dex 13 or lower, May not be Lightweight Effect: Have double base weight, lose +1 size bonus to AC and attack, and the +4 hide bonus. Pay double for armor.

Pathetic = Prerequisite: none Effect: Reduce 1 Ability Score by 2

Phantom Sparks = Prerequisite: Ability to Cast Spells Effect: Spontaneously emit bursts of colored light, -4 penalty on hide and spot

Poor Reflexes = Prerequisite: none Effect: -3 Reflex Saves

Ponderous Spellcaster = Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells Effect: Casting times are doubled

Pride of Arms = Prerequisite: Proficiency in all Martial Weapons Effect: -4 Penalty on attack rolls with exotic or simple weapons, unarmed and touch attacks

Quarter Elf = Prerequisite: Half-Elf Effect: Not immune to sleep spells, don’t have elven blood

Quick Burning Rage = Prerequisite: Rage ability Effect: Rage only lasts as long as your new con modifier

Restricted Sorcery = Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells without preparation Effect: Two schools of magic are your restricted schools

Shaky = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 Ranged Attack Rolls

Short Attention Span = Prerequisite: none Effect: -2 on all skill checks to retry a failed check, can’t take 20

Short of Breath = Prerequisite: Con 13 or lower Effect: Whenever you make a strength or constitution to run, climb, jump or swim, make fort save or be fatigued

Short Temper = Prerequisite: none Effect: If you suffer any damage during combat, make a will save or be enraged

Skulker = Prerequisite: none Effect: Must make a Will save or become shaken whenever a foe engages you in combat

Slow = Prerequisite: none Effect: Half Land Speed

Slow Healing = Prerequisite: Con 13 or lower Effect: Don’t recover hp naturally

Slow to Anger = Prerequisite: Rage Ability Effect: Entering a rage is a full-round action

Solitary Paragon = Prerequisite: none Effect:-4 to attack rolls made against a foe you flank

Stubby Fingers = Prerequisite: Dwarf, Gnome or Halfling Effect: -4 on attack rolls with light or 1handed weapons, -4 to disable device, open lock, sleight of hand, and use rope checks.

Superstitious = Prerequisite: Inability to cast spells Effect: Whenever you see an item, effect or location obviously created by magic you become frightened.

Terrain Specialist = Prerequisite: Track, Wild Empathy Effect: Choose terrain as home terrain, take -2 on wild empathy checks in all other terrain, as well as to search and survival checks made to track.

Test Subject = Prerequisite: none Effect: Choose three magic schools, take -2 penalty to saving throws vs spells of those categories

Trivial Performer = Prerequisite: Bardic Music Effect: Save DC against your fascinate, suggestion abilities is halved and bardic music abilities benefits end when music ends.

Uncontrollable Rage = Prerequisite: Rage Ability Effect: Cannot enter rage voluntarily

Unreactive = Prerequisite: none Effect: -6 Initiative

Vulnerable = Prerequisite: none Effect: -1 Armor Class

Warrior of the Phalanx = Prerequisite: none Effect: -4 to attack rolls when not adjacent to an ally

Weak Will = Prerequisite: none Effect: -3 Will Saves

Weapon Bound = Prerequisite: Devotion to a Specific Deity Effect: Lose proficiency in all weapons except deity’s favored

Wild = Prerequisite: Survival 1 rank Effect: Whenever entangled, pinned or bound, immediately become panicked.

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