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We will base this game using the pathfinder rules. The acceptable Races are any of the core Races, and including Drow (modified), and Tieflings (modified).
We will be starting with level 3 characters for the adventure..

it will be recommended for the characters to have invested some points into survival, and some of the various knowledges. knowing all of the knowledges are not required, but the more you know the more versatile your character will be.

we will be using blood points (based off of your con) instead of just going to -10 and dying. this should make the characters harder to kill. however, blood points heal at a slower rate than HP, since that is true bodily harm that your character is taking. Also you take -1 to all checks for each point into blood that your character has taken damage.

will be using the “edge” system from unearthed arcana called Action Points to incorporate luck into the game.

it will also be available for characters to pick up a flaw for an extra feat or just take on a trait. More flaws are also available more flaws and racial flaws.

also your characters will start with 1,000 gold to buy their gear.

Equipment obtained in Argonis

Tiefling Tales

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