Equipment obtained in Argonis

For Discussion:

Ring of Grand Finale (found by Brook & Tess in ruined village with Varen and Astor tagging along because they were trapped by Tess’ refusal to teleport w/o exploring): Haste, Fox’s Cunning, Eagle’s Splendor, Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Owl’s Wisdom, Bear’s Endurance (10 rounds each, 2 activated each round)

Available to be Claimed

Rapier: +2 keen

+2 Keen, Wounding Longsword (x2)

Ring of fast healing +3

elven chain

+2 disrupting mace

+2 axe of mighty cleaving and shock

Banded Mail

battle axe

great axe

bracers of armor +1

half plate

Belt of giant strength +4

+1 mithral full plate of speed

New Hope Hallow Fund:

Some silver ceremonial daggers.

500gp worth of gems.

400 gold coins

Dark skull (used)

Demon armor (used)

cursed cold iron longsword (two)

A broken phylactery

Abyssal sword

In Use:

belt of mighty con +2 lost to Marlon

Belt of incredible dex +2 Sol’vylle

amulet of natural armor +1 Varen

Boots of speed: as a free action, cast haste on self. Lasts 10 rounds / day. Can divide up as she sees fit. Thorg

Cloak of displacement: 15 rounds of displacement/day, can divide up as she sees fit. Brook

Belt of physical perfection +6 str, +6 con, +6 dex; X2 Thorg, Varen

Headband of mental superiority +6 int, +6 wis, +6 cha X2 Caius, Lost to Marlon

Incense of meditation: Sol’vylle

Mantle of spell resistance: u now have spell resistance of 21. Tess

Stone of good luck: +1 luck bonus to ability and skill checks and saving throws. Varen

+1 vicious cold iron bastard sword Astor

ring of sustenance Astor

ring of friendship * 2 lost to Marlon & Varen

Addy Dagger Brook

+3 Defending Axe Varen

Holy Longsword lost to Marlon

Demonbane Two Handed Great Sword Caius

Keen Ghost Touched Longsword Tess

Krosov’s House

a druids journal of the land Tessara

elven boots Tessara

elven cloak Varen

banded mail of luck Thorg

+2 defending spear Caius

scroll of jump (used) Tessara

50 gold coins (divided up)

lots of arrows!! Tessara

an abyssal longsword Jedrek

silver ceremonial dagger Brook

cold iron dagger Brook

helm of divination Tessara

Blood Skeleton Cathedral

+1 mithral spiked shield Varen

+2 mithral full plate Caius

ring of protection +2 (deflection bonus) Soy’vylle

amulet of nat armor +1 Thorg

bag of holding type 1 Caius

cloak of arachnida Tessara

cloak of resistance +1 Thorg

elixer of vision Brook

goggles of night vision to be used by person on watch

headband of alluring charisma +2 Brook

horseshoes of speed Horse of the Cart

manual of quickness action Varen

periapt of wound closure Tessara

Demon Town

Boots of striding +10 feet movement spd Brook

Cloak of resistance +2 Caius

And a letter in abyssal explaining the how the princes are to continue taking the lands of the lords, but were to stay away from (zone 1) theopolis. Brook

Crimson Crusade

Amulet of natural armor +3 Brook

Belt of physical might +4 str, +4 con Caius

Belt of physical might +4 dex, +4 con Tessara

Belt of physical perfection +4 str, +4 con, +4 dex Brook

Head band of vast intelligence +2 int Tessara

Pearl of power lvl 5: Sol’vylle

Equipment obtained in Argonis

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