Action Points

Action points give the character the means to affect the game play in significant ways, by improving important rolls. Each character has a limited number of action points and once a point is spent it is gone from good from your action point poll. Your character action point poll refreshing once the character reaches a new level, but the character losses all unspent action points from previous level.

A beginning (1st level) character starts the game with 5 action points. Every time a character reaches a new level his action point poll increases by 5 + 1/2 character level. So a 3rd level character would have 6 action points upon reaching that level and would have 7 action points upon advancing to 4th level.

You can spend 1 action point to add to a single d20 roll, you may only spend 1 action point per round. Spending a action point add a number of d6 to the result of your d20 roll based on your character current level.

Level 1st – 7th adds 1d6
Level 8th – 14th adds 2d6
Level 15th – 20th add 3d6

Action Points

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