13 = 10 – 0
16 = 13 – 1
14 = 11 – 0
16 = 18 – 4
18 = 22 – 6
13 = 15 – 2

1)Natural Spell (Acid) -Benefit: You can complete the verbal and somatic components of spells while using wild shape. You substitute various noises and gestures for the normal verbal and somatic components of a spell.
You can also use any material components or focuses you possess, even if such items are melded within your current form. This feat does not permit the use of magic items while you are in a form that could not ordinarily use them, and you do not gain the ability to speak while using wild shape.
You can cast spells even while in a form that cannot normally cast spells

2)Sacred Vow- +2 perfection bonus to Diplomacy checks

3)Vow Of Poverty-

4)Elemental Spell- Benefit: Choose one energy type: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. You may replace a spell’s normal damage with that energy type or split the spell’s damage, so that half is of that energy type and half is of its normal type.
Level Increase: +1 (an elemental spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.)
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you must choose a different energy type.
5) Dodge- +1 AC

Improved Familiar Size- Increase familiar size by 1 size category.

Beastly = Prerequisite: Wild Empathy Effect: Vulnerable to certain spells which affect animals
Terrain Specialist = Prerequisite: Track, Wild Empathy Effect: Choose terrain as home terrain, take -2 on wild empathy checks in all other terrain, as well as to search and survival checks made to track.


Varn leaned on the old weathered branch as he walked out of the scar that had been his home for , well as long as he could remember. Rough hands absently ran fingers along the length of the branch. His worn eyes squinted as the burning sun fell upon him. Where once the sky appeared ominous now white clouds drifted, and birds flew above. The scar crisscrossed for miles of the southern edge of Argonis. It had served him well providing protection from the chaotic storms that came as if from nowhere. One such storm came Two years ago, the earth and sky shook. Varn thought perhaps the final destruction had finally come. The storms had not come for many turns of the moon after that day. Something had changed. Varn could feel the earth changing the torment within the land had not left but it felt different somehow. Varn had been caretaker of a broken land and now that land was changing and he planned to find out why


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