Rikard Noirlande


Rikard Noirlande’s personal code
1. Whatever is not a comrade is an enemy.
2. Whatever is a comrade, is a friend.
3. No comrade shall kill any other comrade without just cause.
4. All comrades are equal, but some are more equal than others.
5. Religion is the opiate of the masses.
6. The community shall provide a job for every comrade and a comrade for every job.
7. Ask not what your comrades can do for you; ask what can you do for your comrades.


Rikard dreams of a establishing a perfect society, where all people are equal comrades and there are no nobles or commoners. In Rikard’s utopia, property will be owned by the community and each member works for the common benefit of the state. Only the wise and worthy will be allowed to rule. These wise rulers will distribute community resources in a fair manner to all the citizens based on the peoples need. Rikard knows that there is no possibility to create this society in Beautrice or Argonis. So Rikard looks over the mountains and wonders if that far land may be the birthplace for this communal society.

Redeeming quality:
Rikard will assist the poor and needy if he can. He feels a strong obligation to help his fellow man. Rikard knows that a team working together is stronger that a group of individuals that each follow their own path.

Rikard does not believe in the concept of owning personal property. For example, Rikard believes that if a man has more food than he needs, then he is required to give the extra food to the poor who does not have enough. Rikard feels great anger towards royalty because they do not share their wealth with those who need it most. Since the nobility refuse to share willingly, he believes that they should have their wealth taken from them by force.

Rikard Noirlande

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