Lacero in Turmoil

The Dark Side is Winning
Frightening Times for Heroes

Varen & Caius have gone dark and will spiral down further.

Tess is staring that path in the face. Brooke & Thorg stand firm in the Hero’s Path.

Rikard, Varn, Nathan, Airte, Sassaba, Stone & Esther are still the motley collection of anti-heroes with dark influences.

Session 1 overview

Here the first chapter for our heroes has begone and the groundwork for many great things has been laid. All were able to arrive safely and meet with Sir Jeremiah. in which they received a report from the captain about the activities of the blighted lands. They then went on to the next outpost, to find a cleric for hire. Which, with Garrick’s help, they were able. The party currently consists of Varen, a tough human fighter, and his friend Astor, Brooks, a half drow of the Order, and Tessara, an elven witch. Through much testing and debate, they finally decided to hire Sol’vyll, a drow cleric.

As the team was getting a understanding of each other and making sure that their racial prejudices would not result in anybody dying, the outpost came under attack by hobgoblin and bugbear raiders. Which would not have been a major issue, until the guards were panicking because their arrows were missing,along with their commanding officers. To make matters worse, the guards of the town were dropping like flies. The adventurers took charge and defeated the raiders. As they investigated the guards, they discovered that all in the outpost were now dead, except for the adventurers and the innkeeper. Tessara, did discover that poison covered all of the guards armor and weapons, further more, she had detected magic as somebody had teleported away before the battle.

it is uncertain as to what the adventurers will proceed to do, but may the gods look down on them, and help them in what they are about to face….

xp awarded:

+950 each player for CR monsters.

+400 each for joining campaign

+200 for surviving battle without anybody going into blood/ good battle strategy

+200 for good Rping

+100 for fun time

+200 for picking cleric


at lvl 3 your character starts with 3,300 xp now its at 5350

more bonuses will come as party develops any suggestions for reasons why more xp should be awarded. im open for it. (like something dramatic, or epic or anything).


Jacob and Marcos have been talking and this game will be starting soon. In two to three sessions, Battletech will be coming to a stopping point and this game will be starting.


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